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cen tech digital multimeter manual

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Fluke F87-5 high-precision digital multimeter

Both speed motor drives, factory automation, power distribution systems and electrical and mechanical equipment, or, 87V to help you solve more problems.
Fluke 80V Series Digital Multimeter
Fluke 80V Series Digital Multimeters its accuracy and diagnostic capabilities to maximize industrial productivity.
Which is characterized by maximizing industrial productivity
One of the features for adjustable speed motor drives and other electrical noise of the equipment to provide accurate voltage and frequency measurement * (87V)
Built-in thermometer, so you do not need to measure temperature with the other equipment (87V)
The optional magnetic suspension kit enables you to work, not hand-holding instrument, to facilitate your work.
2 - a large number of backlight brightness display, the 80V series models easier than ever to read.
Can withstand 8 kV voltage surge, in line with the second edition IEC and ANSI electrical safety standards. Voltage shock usually occurs in the load circuit switching and industrial failure.
Speed motor with a 87V drive system maintenance can save time
87V with a new identify problems more quickly, accurately measure the pulse width modulated output signal ASD
Can accurately measure the motor and drive side of the true RMS AC voltage and current (requires i410 or i1010 optional current clamp) and frequency
Fluke's patented *
Fluke 87V / E Industrial Electric Combination Kit
And the 87V has the same features and technical specifications
Include the following attachments:
? TL222 1.5   test lead insulation resin
? TP238 test probes for industrial use can be changed, with 4mm of exposed metal probe
? AC220 retractable long alligator clip
? Magnetic suspension kit, can be attached to the metal surface
? 80BK temperature probe
? C800 rugged portable instrument case
Savings of more than half the cost of purchased separately
Fluke's patented *

Features 83V 87V 80V Series
Accurate measurement of the true nonlinear signal RMS AC voltage and current. ? X
Motor drive for the accurate measurement of true RMS voltage and frequency, selectable filtering? X
0.05% DC accuracy? X
4-1/2 bit mode, accurate measurement? X
Built-in thermometer so you do not need more tools? X
2 large bright backlit digital display, increasing the visibility xx
Capacitance measurement range of up to 10,000  F, measurable components and motor capacitor xx
Peak capture function can record up to 250 s transient signal? X
Voltage measurement range of up to AC and DC 1000 V xx
Current measurement range up to 10A, 20A (30 seconds sustainable) xx
Automatic and manual range, with maximum adaptability xx
Analog bar graph x x
Resistance, continuity and diode test x x
Frequency measurement up to 200 kHz, the duty cycle percentage xx
Records Min / Max / Average, automatically capture signal changes xx
In relative mode, the measurement of low ohmic resistance when the impact of removing the test leads xx
Improved sleep mode to extend battery life xx
Battery cover is easy to open, convenient and fast to replace the battery without having to reveal the calibration seal xx
Limited lifetime warranty x x
Removable protective cover, test leads and probes can be built xx
Cat 4 600 V and Cat 3 1000 V electrical safety class xx
Bead type thermocouple temperature probe? X
80V Series Multimeters include:
o TL75 test leads
o AC72 alligator clips
o Detachable Case
o 9V battery (installed)
o Operations Guide
o CD-ROM including User Manual
o temperature probe (only 87)
New Fluke Accessories
80V series of 10 large attachments
· I1010-KIT AC / DC current clamp meter box with a portable
· 80i-400 DC current probe
· 80PK-26 SureGrip, Tapered Temperature Probe
· 80AK Thermocouple Adapter
· C510 Leather meter large sets of
· C1600 Meter Kit
· TLK225 SureGrip major accessory kit
· L210 probe light and probe extender
· PV350 Pressure / Vacuum Module
· TPAK magnetic hook
LVD1 voltage indicator
? Compact, set LED flashlight and voltage detector in one
? Can distinguish close to the power (blue light) and near the power supply (red) and two voltage detection function
? Voltage range AC 40 V ac to 300 V AC
? With the clip it can be hung on the hat or tool bag
? LED flashlight bulb life of up to 100,000 hours
? With 5 volt light (order number must be a multiple of 5)
TL238 SureGripTM test lead kit for high-energy environment
In the high-energy environment, a good product to use. Testing the insulation of the probe the probe, the exposed parts of not more than 4 mm, to reduce the arc explosion. Probe and test probe extender module with, make your hands away from the detection point 12 in far tested to meet NFPA requirements. Include:
? TP238 SureGrip Insulated Test Probe
? TP280 test probe extender
? TL224 SureGrip resin rectangular / straight test leads
80 Series Digital Multimeter for the belt with magnetic protection cover H80M
The new protective cover is designed for 80 Series Digital Multimeter user to re-design - Fluke using magnetic suspension system. Including:
? Easy to clean, collapsible vinyl protective cover, it can absorb shock and protect the instrumentation, the conductor and the probe can be stored behind
? 3-type composition of the magnetic suspension system (which can be put on line in the protection of the clip, Velcro and magnet)
Product Ordering Information
Size of a single product packaging
Fluke Model FlukeOracle # Description Size Weight origin
80V Series Multimeters
FLUKE-87-5 2074974 Industrial True RMS Multimeter with Temperature Test function (HxLxW) 24cm x 8.3cm x 15.8cm
(9.25in. X 3.25in. X 6.25in.) 0.6 kg
(1.3 lbs) USA
FLUKE-83-5 2075004 Industrial Multimeter (HxLxW) 24cm x 8.3cm x 15.8cm
(9.25in. X 3.25in. X 6.25in.) 0.6 kg
(1.3 lbs) USA
FLUKE-87-5 / E 2105628 Kit Industrial Electricians Kit combinations (HxLxW) 36.8cm x 11.4cm x 24cm
(14.5in. X 4.5in. X 9.25in.) 2.0 kg
(4.5 lbs) USA
New attachment ordering information
TL238 2132831 SureGrip test lead kit for high-energy environment (HxLxW) 30cm x 14.4cm x 4.2cm
(11.8in. X 5.7in. X 1.65in.) .2 Kg
(0.4 lbs) USA
H80M 2138458 protective sleeve with a magnetic hook (HxLxW) 20.5cm x 10.6cm x 4.8cm?
(8.06in. X 4.2in. X 1.89in.) .3 Kg
(.66 Lbs) USA
LVD1 2139415 voltage indicator (HxLxW) 23cm x 15.5cm x 2.5cm
(9.06in. X 6.1in. X .98 in.) .1 Kg
(.22 Lbs) China
Available for the Fluke 80V Series Multimeter accessories (see the current price list RMB)
I1010-KIT 2096998 AC / DC current clamp with a portable meter box (HxLxW) 25.4cm x 25.4cm x 7cm
(10in. x 10in. X 2.75in.) .68 Kg
(1.5 lbs) Thailand
80i-400 736801 400    AC current probe (HxLxW) 33cm x 14cm x 6.3cm
? (13in. x 5.5in. X 2.5in.) .544 Kg
(1.2 lbs) France
80PK-26 2098714 SureGrip Tapered Temperature Probe (HxLxW) 45.4cm x 12.4cmx 2.8cm
(17.87in. X 4.87in. X 1. 1in.) .181 Kg
(0.4 lbs) USA
80AK 919860 Thermocouple Adapter
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